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Originating from the heart of Savannah to embracing breathtaking destinations, our driving force remains unchanged. Our personal narrative fuels our passion to provide couples with a cinematic treasure of their unparalleled love story. Every whisper, every shared look, every laughter, is etched in our crafted wedding films.


At the heart of Two Arrow Films is a tale of love, family, and faith. Before our family tree branched out, there were just the four of us - Aaron, Yensy, and our two precious daughters. Our brand name, inspired by Psalms 127:3-5, encapsulates the essence of our journey - where our daughters, our "Two Arrows," instilled in us a passion to craft films that resonate, evoke emotions, and leave a legacy. A legacy rooted in the heart of God's word.

our Story
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"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them."

Psalms 127: 3-5

In the heart of our twenties, with the promise of a new life—our second daughter—drawing near, we stood in a front yard of an unfinished property, surrounded by loved ones. The sky above, the earth below, and the anticipation of a shared future ahead. But as time passed, the vividness of that day began to fade. All we have now are a handful of GoPro shots and scattered cellphone images. There's no video of our laughter, no captured glances, and no record of our spoken vows. Our children, our greatest joys, have only our words to paint the picture of that day. This void, this silent space in our family tapestry, fuels the passion our work. 

Watching our children's faces light up as they witness the joy, love, and magic we capture in others' weddings is heartwarming. They don’t just see films; they experience emotions, stories, and connections. It's incredibly fulfilling for us to see our craft resonate with our kids, and to know that we are playing a part in preserving memories for many families. We don’t just create films; we immortalize feelings, crafting each project with the same longing we feel for our own lost moments. We craft wedding films that weave those once-in-a-lifetime moments into enduring legacies. For us, for you, for the generations to come.

Our Why


The Heart of
Aaron & Yensy

What I admire deeply about Aaron is his unwavering authenticity. No matter the situation, or who he's with, he stays true to himself. And when he sets his mind on something, you better believe he's all in. Whether it's a fleeting obsession or a long-term project, he gives it his all, tirelessly working until it's just right.
Sometimes, his grand visions catch me off guard, but I've learned never to doubt him. Even amid chasing these dreams, he always prioritizes our marriage, and our kids never feel his absence. He's always right there, fully present. 
His understanding nature isn't just a blessing for me, but for everyone around him. It's no exaggeration to say he's often my personal therapist on challenging days. 
Aaron is more than just my husband; he's a light of positivity, a mood lifter, and a constant inspiration in my life.


Yensy's selflessness is both evident and grounding. Her perspective, consistently seen through a lens of profound care for our family, has become an anchor in my life. She's my guide, ever teaching me about patience, grace, and the joy in our daily adventures. Her spontaneous outbursts of laughter and those endearing moments when she's at her goofiest are among the things I cherish most. Our shared moments, be it laughing over 'The Office' or her thoughtful gestures like checking in on her way home, constantly remind me of the depth of our connection. And what stands out the most is her unwavering support, even for the dreams that seem out of reach. In Yensy, I haven’t just found a partner but a true confidant. My appreciation and love for her know no bounds.

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