Target ( or as I like to call it " Tarjay")

Cory Asbury 


Seven Mile Miracle, Steven Furtick

Cold Brew w/ Vanilla Sweet Cream

Gilmore Girls



City and Colour /  Canyon City / Hillsong United


7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Cold Brew w/ Vanilla Sweet Cream

Young Sheldon


We are Aaron and Yensy! We absolutely love spending time together and as a family.
There is nothing like taking spontaneous trips to the mountains or just a few min into town!

Our journey as wedding creatives didn't just happen and we want to let you into the backstory of how that came about; Yensy was a floral designer in our local flower shop before jumping in and leading the photography side of Two Arrow Films. Aaron was a Mercedes Benz technician before venturing into the videography side of Two Arrow Films. This was the result of our own wedding, believe it or not! We were young & rushing the process of our wedding that we chose not to have a photographer to capture it all, let alone a videographer. Soon after having our kids, it came clear to us that was a huge mistake as we have nothing to show them,
this became the driving purpose of what we do today!

We now get the opportunity to serve our brides and grooms with something we were not able to have. These special moments can be re-lived once again but better yet, for generations so see.
That alone is the best reward.


"Every wedding is a reminder of why we said yes to one another"

Fun Facts: We are on our seventh year of marriage together!
Yensy used to be a floral designer and Aaron used to be a Mercedes Benz technician before moving into weddings!

Call me crazy, I absolutely love hosting holiday/ birthday family events! Im a partial extrovert so the need to be outside every day consists of taking the kiddos out as much as possible! That could be as simple as heading to Downtown Savannah, Hilton Head or walking in nature trails! 

Aside from leading the videography side of our business, there is one thing i love... Chipotle! Don't worry, i've learned to love you if you don't.
I love taking spontaneous trips with the family and i absolutely enjoy music!

There is nothing like working together, we've learned a lot about one another through this and we wouldn't trade it for anything. 

These are our children! Elias, Adelyn, and Ellie.
We have the opportunity to lead them in the ways of God.
These kids bring us so much joy and we can't wait to see them grow and lead others with the same values we've lead them!

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